Eberlestock F4ME/M Terminator Pack – F4ME


Eberlestock F4M Terminator Pack is a high-capacity, versatile tactical backpack that's equally effective with or without a weapon.



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Product Description

Boasting a volume of 5000 cubic inches, the Terminator can effortlessly bear all of your equipment like a cyborg, and there’s an entire network of PALS webbing for the addition of extra pouches. This Eberlestock pack has been optimized with snipers and scouts in mind, and to that end the Eberlestock Terminator Front Loading Pack includes an innovative method of carrying any man-portable weapon, including high-powered sniper rifles with large rifle scopes.
The Eberlestock Terminator Full Format Pack also includes a fanny top pack which contains three storage compartments (one for a hydration system) and can compress the top load of your pack via the compression straps. The fanny top is removable and can be carried across your chest as a courier bag or around your waist as a fanny pack, allowing you to take a lightweight survival and first aid kit into areas where your pack can’t or shouldn’t go. If you need extra storage, you can easily attach Eberlestock pouches to virtually any part of the pack since it’s riddled with PALS webbing. The two front door pouches, the side pouches, the fanny top pack, and even the weight belt are pouch-ready with multiple rows of Padlock webbing.

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