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Eberlestock J79 Skycrane II Backpack System is a multi-faceted, heavy duty backpack system that’s unlike anything else you’ve seen on the tactical backpack market.



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Product Description

Eberlestock X4 HiSpeed Backpack is a three day pack unlike any you’ve seen before. The basis of this Eberlestock backpack is the J79 itself, a 6.5 pound internal frame pack with a capacity of about 2300 cubic inches. The basic Skycrane II has two main vertical compartments which seamlessly zip together for a single, divided main storage compartment. However, this is where the Eberlestock Skycrane II gets really useful. Eberlestock has designed this backpack to be stripped down all the way to its pull off fanny pack, or you can expand it to a maximum capacity of 8375 cubic inches.
The Skycrane 2 uses the same Cam Expansion system that can be found in the Eberlestock Just One series, except instead of a nylon storage compartment between the two vertical pouches, the Skycrane II holds another full backpack.

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